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Scholarships, Awards & Prizes

The scholarship program allows donors and organizations the opportunity to continue their legacy while granting eligible graduating WAHS students the chance to advance their education.  The Education Foundation administers funds that, on average, provide about 100 students with a scholarship, award or prize each year.  Each fund has specific award criteria established by the gifting donor.  The selection and application process is conducted through the high school's guidance office.

$69,925 was awarded from among 150 funds to 84 members of the Class of 2021 to help further their education.


Awards & Prizes

The following is a listing of award and prize funds from which grants are directly delivered to the student upon graduation for unrestricted purposes.

  • Class of 1897, Archibald Hoagland Award
  • Class of 1897, Martha C. Thatcher Prize
  • Class of 1911, Sherman V. English Award
  • Class of 1916, Chemistry & Research Achievement Award
  • Class of 1924, Dr. Thomas J.S. Heim Prize
  • Class of 1928 Prize
  • Class of 1939, Clara Casner Carpenter Award
  • Class of 1941, Strolling Strings Award
  • Class of 1952, Arthur Paulhamus Award
  • Class of 1957 Prize
  • Class of 1963, George E. Deffenbaugh Award
  • Class of 1964 Prize
  • Class of 1972, Deceased Class Members Memorial Award
  • Class of 1987 Prize
  • Class of 1989 Prize
  • Class of 1990 Prize
  • Class of 1994 Prize
  • Class of 1995, Joe Muir Memorial Award
  • Class of 1996 Prize
  • Class of 1997 Prize
  • Class of 1998 Prize     
  • Class of 1999, Steven R. Wiser Award
  • Classes of 2000 & 2006, Thomas H. Bauman Award
  • Class of 2009 Prize     
  • Class of 2012 Prize      
  • Dr. Thomas Antonetti Memorial & Round Hills PTO Award
  • Dr. June Baskin Award
  • Florence Laubscher Baver Memorial Prize
  • J. Ronald Beck Award
  • Richard A. Berry Jr. Band Award
  • Patrick Breining Memorial Award Fund
  • Barry Campbell Award
  • Career & Technical Education Teachers’ Award
  • Pasqualino Ciccarelli Memorial Award
  • Joan Collins Art Award
  • Arlyne Hoyt Confair Award
  • Richard C. Conner Award
  • Larue Cooke Memorial Award
  • Curtin Intermediate School, William K. Miller Scholarship Award
  • Curtin Intermediate School,  Robert D. Smink Scholarship Award
  • Sharon D. Deckard Scholarship Award
  • Shirley L. Dieffenbach Scholarship Award
  • Carrie Oliver Dove Award
  • The Michael G. Durrwachter Memorial Award
  • Lynn B. Ertel Award
  • Beula Faber Manley Prize      
  • Carl V. Gaus Prize
  • Regina Girio Award
  • George E. Graff & Flora S. Graff Journalism Awards
  • Esther H. Guy Award
  • Christopher Hecknauer Memorial Award
  • Lou Johnson Memorial Award
  • Doris Heller Teufel Award
  • Ida R. Heller Award
  • Eric John Hostrander Memorial Award
  • Floretta J. Hunter Award
  • George and Rose Kaplan Memorial Award
  • Kathleen R. Kelley Award
  • Emma Keiss Award
  • Anne Knecht Starner Award
  • Elmer Koons Prize      
  • Kathryn B. Latini Literary Scholarship
  • Coach Dave Love Football Award
  • Eleanor Love Award
  • Patricia A. Lowery, Ph.D., Scholarship
  • Debra S. Lundy Memorial Scholarship
  • Lycoming Valley Intermediate School PTSO Award
  • Martina Mangiardi Geiger Nursing/Applied Science Award
  • Chuck McConnell Memorial Award
  • Marie A. Miele Scholarship
  • Mary S. and Clair A. Miller Business Award
  • Percy D. Mitchell Memorial Award
  • Orville Mitstifer Memorial Fund Award
  • Richard L. and Miriam Swan Mix Award
  • William H. O’Neil Memorial Award
  • Terry D. Ohnmeiss 1964 Memorial Award    
  • John A. Regelman Award
  • Jason P. Rogers Memorial Award
  • The Ross Family Award for True Humanity
  • Round Hills Elementary School PTO Award
  • Salabes Brotherhood Award
  • Simon Samuel Award
  • Brenden Shipman Memorial Award Fund
  • James A. Slattery Memorial Award   
  • Deborah L. Smith Young Memorial Award    
  • May Heilman Spangle Award
  • Mark L. Steele Memorial Award
  • Thaddeus Stevens Primary School Award     
  • Margaret B. Stouffer Award
  • Myrtle Stroup Award
  • Richard Allen Swartz Award
  • Jackie Thomas Award
  • VFW Post 844 Award 
  • Robert C. Van Allen Career & Technology Award
  • Francis T. Vottero Award
  • William J. & Rose H. Weber Award
  • Williamsport Area High School Alumni Prize
  • Williamsport Area High School P.T.S.O. Academic Achievement Award
  • Williamsport Area High School P.T.S.O. Career and Technical Education Award
  • Williamsport Area High School P.T.S.O. Lillian M. Reider Award
  • Williamsport Area High School P.T.S.O. Mary B. Smith English Award
  • Williamsport Area High School P.T.S.O. David W. Stuempfle Award
  • Williamsport Area High School P.T.S.O. Paul R. Warnick Award
  • Rachel Hayes Youngman & Elizabeth Ludwig Youngman English Prize

Scholarship Funds

Grants of at least $500 are issued from the scholarship funds below and are sent directly to the awarded student's college or university upon proof of enrollment.

  • Valeria M. Aponick Scholarship
  • Kylee Elizabeth Case Memorial Scholarship
  • Bessie Herman Conser, Class of 1930 Award
  • Richard S. Coulter Scholarship
  • Ann Conser Curley, Class of 1959 Award
  • Football Academic Scholarship
  • Girls Soccer Academic Scholarship    
  • Margaret Hamilton Quinn Scholarship
  • Scott Harmon Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Abram Howard Memorial Scholarship
  • Mildred E. Kelly Scholarship
  • Sandy R. Lawson Scholarship
  • Joseph A. Muir Scholarship
  • John and Lenna Braddock Person Fund
  • David N. Raemore Penn State Scholarship
  • Shirley G. Reese Memorial Scholarship
  • Louise H. Stryker Award
  • Anthony “Tag” Tagliaferri Scholarship
  • Turner Foundation Scholarship
  • Williamsport Sun-Gazette Scholarship
Endowed Scholarship Funds

Below is a listing of permanently endowed scholarship funds from which grants are made from generated income and sent directly to the awarded student's college or university.

  • Sullivan Family First-Generation Collegian Scholarship
  • Thomas Kelchner Memorial Scholarship for the Arts
  • Tim Montgomery Memorial Scholarship Fund

Establishing a Scholarship or an Award Fund

In 2018, the WASDEF Board of Directors set a new policy that all scholarship funds established at the education foundation must be created with a minimum fund balance of $10,000 and adhere to the Foundation's spending policy. This minimum amount will ensure that appropriate levels of funding are distributed over time in perpetuity.

All funds established at $9,999 and under will be considered awards with an annual minimum payout of $100. These funds will be spent down unless replenished or restructured to meet the qualifications of a scholarship fund. 

For more information or questions on establishing a scholarship or an award fund, contact the Foundation office at 570-327-5500, ext. 40602, or e-mail Executive Director Greg Hayes at

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